First Kisses from Beyond the Grave


A coming-of-age story set in both suburbia and the afterlife.  Due to a supernatural clerical error, sixteen-year-old Zack Henry is accidentally transferred to Purgatory High, a school populated by zombie cheerleaders, werewolf jocks, vampire gang members, and other misunderstood ghouls.  How can he get home?  More importantly, does he want to?


This story first appeared in the wonderful anthology Gargoyle Magazine #51.




First Kisses from Beyond the Grave is reprinted in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.

And Best American Fantasy. 






The Solomon Stair


A tale of horror concerning a corrupt CEO on death row who is visited by the Devil on the night of his execution with the bail-out opportunity of a lifetime.


This story appeared in Inkwater Ink Vol. 3. 








The corpse of the letter Q is found murdered in its apartment.  An isolated incident, or merely the beginning?


This story first appeared in GÜD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator).


Red Rover


Bedtime Story Noir.  A tale of murder, betrayal and insanity told from the perspective of two household pets, Red Rover follows Goldie the dog and Medusa the cat as they follow the trail of an infant kidnapped by one of their own.


This story is currently available, in its entirety, for a limited preview here on the site, and is exclusively for sale on the Amazon Kindle here.



The Kissing Booth Burns Down


Shelby Wallace’s spends his entire life at the kissing booth he built in his front yard, awaiting the promised return of the man who kidnapped his best friend.  Available in Gargoyle #55.



Extreme Value

Ever wonder what would happen if you lived in a world where you got exactly what you paid for?  Originally appeared in The Legendary (Out-of-Print).

First Kisses from Beyond the Grave is reprinted in Zombies: The Recent Dead, along with some other great brain-eating tales.  This story JUST WON'T STAY DEAD!


Shelf Life

When a woman discovers that she's dying, she decides to use her heart before it reaches its expiration date.  Available in Thunderdome #1 for free, click here.

The Gubblebum

A fourth grade boy goes to the bathroom and encounters a carnivorous alien from another dimension.  Available in Horrorbound #15 for free, click here.

The Finger Gave Itself

A prosthetic limb salesman tries to survive the night his wares come to life and turn against him.  Originally published online at SNM Horror (out-of-print), now available in Bonded By Blood IV.

A Beginner's Guide to Sandcastle Alchemy

During a day at the beach, five boys discover the truth behind a local fairy tale.  Some dreams come true.  Others reveal themselves as nightmares.  Available in Weird Tales #358.  Read it for free here.


Subtitles for a Silent Film

A young man living in a town where speech is forbidden experiences his first Howliday: the one day a year each citizen is allowed to speak one word.  Which word will he choose?  Originally published in In Search of a City: LA in 1,000 Words.


Under Hindsight's Knife

A medical student dissects her old high school nemesis.  Originally published in Gargoyle #59.


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